Sunday, July 7, 2013

Artistic Mumbo-Jumo: Halting Steps

So, as promised, here is a look at the beginnings of this process I'm going through.

First up, some art that I've done for clients that is more in line with what I'd consider my "old style":

Now, there's nothing particularly wrong with these, per se.  Although, I see the myriad of things that I'd do differently, were I to do them today, but overall, I'm still proud of the work I've done here.

At the same time, there's something about these pieces that feel stiff, restricted.  I've worked hard to make them technically correct, but I'm not feeling much from them.  They don't get me jazzed about the subject matter, nor do they especially make me want to draw more.

That's actually a pretty good benchmark for success in a piece, for me: if it inspires me to draw, then it's a winner of a piece.  These really don't do that.

Now, on to some "new style" stuff:

With these, there is a dynamic that engages me.  While they're not as technically correct regarding anatomy and whatnot, they engender a sense of dynamism that makes me more amped to draw stuff.  There's a sense of fun here that's present not only in the finished piece, but that informed my work as I was working on it.

This is an important aspect of what I'm going through at the moment, I think.  The idea that I can get more out of the creation of the art than just he finished product.  Again, this feels like artsy-fartsy mumbo-jumbo, but it's real nonetheless.

I dunno.  For many of you, this may seem like splitting hairs.  For others, it might speak to something you're going through as well.  Drop a comment and lemme know!

Until next time...

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